Memberships At InClubGolf

Learn. Train. Practice. Play.

InClubGolf is a membership-based business available to NAC members and Non-NAC Members. Memberships are available yearround under the direction of a full time TPI Certified PGA Professional Frank Hesson. Golfers of all ability levels are invited to consider membership. Golfers who have never played golf will find InClubGolf to be the perfect way to learn the game within the comfort of their own club environment.

Experienced players will find InClubGolf to be a great way to take their golf experience to the next level through ongoing practice and lesson input as well as on course play with the pro opportunities. A learning program will be tailored to specifically address each member weakness.

Membership Pricing

Non-Member Lessons are available at off premises at several locations in South Jersey and Pennsylvania.

NAC Members Initiation fee Monthly Dues
Adult Individual $120.00 $100.00
Spouse $100.00 $80.00
Jr. of Primary $70.00 $60.00
Jr. Individual $100.00 $80.00
Non_NAC Members Initiation fee Monthly Dues
Adult Individual $150.00 $130.00
Spouse $125.00 $110.00
Jr. of Primary $100.00 $90.00
Jr. Individual $100.00 $100.00
Adult Private / Semi-Private 30 Min $65
Adult Private / Semi-Private 60 Min $100
Junior Private / Semi-Private 30 Min $155


The studio will be equipped with a finger print security access system and is open exclusively to InClubGolf members during all times that the NAC is open. This is approximately 120 hours per week. The studio will have two full swing golf hitting bays, each of which will be equipped with a RH/LH hitting mat and net, an automatic ball retrieval/teeing system, a Trackman launch monitor, video cameras and large screen display monitor. Putting, pitching and chipping lanes are also included. Members may bring their own clubs or use studio clubs. A full assortment of swing aids will be available.

The InClubGolf Studio will be scheduled in 20-minute slots during every hour that the club is open (approximately 120 hours per week). This results in the possibility of 6 sessions per hour or 720 sessions per week. Sessions slots may be reserved in advance through an online booking system. Each member will be allowed to have three 20-minute slots reserved in advance at any given time. Sessions slots may be reserved for lessons or practice. Lesson slots will be synchronized with availability of the golf professional and so indicated in the online booking system. One to two session slots will be left open and unreserved each hour to accommodate walk in members.


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