We create experiences that help girls fall in love with the game.

Golf is a transformative sport that inherently teaches valuable life lessons like honesty and perseverance…not to mention a good sense of humor! As one of the few sports that can be played for life, golf can also enrich lives and open doors for girls who want to play for fun, compete at the highest level, or to help advance their future careers.

With this in mind, we’ve made it our mission to provide girls with the best chance to fall in love with the game by creating girl-friendly environments to help them learn and thrive!

Fun is our hook, and, once we have the girls’ attention, we help teach them life skills all girls need like positive self-image, finding their voice, and learning to lead.
Our girl-friendly golf programs:
  • Offer gender-specific programming and activities for girls
  • Include social and non-golf opportunities to create lasting friendships
  • Give girls positive, female role models and mentors
  • Provide girls opportunities to lead and give back by volunteering as mentors
  • And inspire girls to live active and healthy lives
Which in turn helps girls:
  • Feel more comfortable learning and developing skills
  • Have heightened confidence in their abilities
  • Ready to embrace self-expression and communication
  • And feel more comfortable engaging in group activities

For information on Pricing & Dates
Contact: fhesson@inclubgolf.com


  • Clinic May 7th
  • PGA Golf Instructors
  • 1:10 Student Teacher Ratio
  • No Clubs Needed
  • LPGA Gift Bag
  • Students will learn all fundamentals of game
  • Parents welcome to watch and learn as well!


Week #1 : Putting

Week #2 : Chipping

Week #3 : Pitching

Week #4 : Full Swing Irons

Week #5 : Full Swing Woods

Week #6 : On Course

Week #7 : Rules

Week #8 : On Course Fun

Video Swing Analysis

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